About Us

Welcome to Izzet. Izzet is one of the world's newest independent online video sharing website attracting international and multilingual audience of our world in motion. We specialize in short form original video uploads - from new members with emerging talents and from families world-wide. Our goal is to bring culture and individuals together with unbiased material for the world to view in motion for their entertainment, knowledge and to share memories that would last a lifetime.


We have incorporated an upbeat design with soothing earth tone colors to relax the brain and to calm the eyes. You will experience a crystal clear video viewing with digital output with HD quality videos. We have incorporated the best video player in the world, please enjoy Izzet for my world in-motion video experience.


If you have any problems please let us know immediately as we are here to ensure that all your expectation are met in a professional and courteous matters. We also welcome your ideas very much, so if you have some please let us know.


Thank you again for making Izzet.com a part of your daily life...